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Popular Nigerian On-Air Personality, Daddy Freeze has reacted to being called the Devil’s incarnate by Nigerian Musician, Zlatan Ibile.



Daddy Freeze, Zlatan Ibile

Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze has responded after rapper Zlatan Ibile called him a devil’s incarnate.

The rapper had used the tag for the OAP after Tunde Ednut reposted a post from Daddy Freeze, where he reacted to a news about him publicly rejecting Jesus.

Reacting, Zlatan said; “Devils incarnate”.

This prompted a counter-reaction from the controversial OAP, who wrote:

“Dear Zlatan,
kindly explain why you think that I am the devil’s incarnate. Christ was called a Samaritan devil too in the scriptures, remember?

The scriptures are filled with instances where Christ was accused of using demonic powers, as well as where he was called a demon or devil himself. The same thing happened to John the Baptist, because they were misunderstood, could it be that you are misunderstanding me?

◄ John 8:48 ►
New Living Translation
The people retorted, “You Samaritan devil! Didn’t we say all along that you were possessed by a demon?”

◄ Matthew 11:18 ►
New Living Translation
For John didn’t spend his time eating and drinking, and you say, ‘He’s possessed by a demon.’

◄ John 8:52 ►
New Living Translation
The people said, “Now we know you are possessed by a demon. Even Abraham and the prophets died, but you say, ‘Anyone who obeys my teaching will never die!’

◄ Matthew 9:34 ►
New Living Translation
But the Pharisees said, “He can cast out demons because he is empowered by the prince of demons.”

◄ John 7:20 ►
New International Version
“You are demon-possessed,” the crowd answered. “Who is trying to kill you?”

◄ John 10:20 ►
New Living Translation
Some said, “He’s demon possessed and out of his mind. Why listen to a man like that?””

Popular singer, Davido took to Instagram to announce that he is done putting others before himself as he changes his phone number.




Award winning singer, David Adeleke aka Davido has disclosed that he has just changed his phone number and he is on the path to start a new life.

In an emotional message to his fans, the ‘risky’ crooner lamented on how he has always put people before himself all his life, stating that it is time for him to concentrate solely on himself.

He also announced that he has changed his number and advised his friends not to bother reaching him.

In His Words;

“If you can’t reach me, don’t reach me!!! I’ll contact you. All my life I’ve put people before me. It’s time to actually live my life and take care of myself. I’ve changed my number. I needed some cleansing to do y’all”.


This is coming just after one of his artistes Peruzzi was called out by a lady for allegedly raping her. The lady identified as Princess alleged that the singer raped her while she accompanied her friend, who was dating Peruzzi at the time, on a visit to the singer’s house.

She Wrote;

"For so long I’ve kept this to myself but I have decided to speak out due to the boldness of Daffy Blanco & other rape victims. Let’s expose these rapist for who they are, they have no right to take advantage of us. #SayNoToRape #SayNoToRapist #SurvivingPeruzzi

So one time in 2012, I can’t really remember the date and the month

But I accompanied a friend “Aisha” to 1004.

And as at then, I think she had a thing with Peruzzi, I accompanied her there, we spent a night that day and I happened to stay in the same room with Aisha and Peruzzi".

Popular Singer, Davido was spotted using crutches after he fractured his left leg.




Davido has been pictured using crutches after he fractured his left leg.

His lawyer, Bobo F. Ajudua shared photos of the singer grappling with crutches while wearing a medical walking boot for broken foot.

He wrote in his caption: 'How some people chose to enter June. Nawa. At some point yesterday we were literally thanking God there are no shows right now. Get well soon bro @davidoofficial.'

See More Photos Below;



Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari has been condemned by Nigerians for closing schools while allowing churches and mosques to reopen.


President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari
Some Nigerians has slammed the decision by the federal government to reopen Churches and Mosques while schools remain shut.
Recall that Buhari on Monday lifted the ban on religious gathering across the country but announced that schools should remain closed.
Chairman of the Task Force, Boss Mustapha, made the announcement during the briefing of the presidential task force (PTF) on COVID-19 on Monday.
Mustapha said Churches are to reopen for the next four weeks spanning 2nd – 29th June 2020, and is subject to review.
Reacting on social media, some Nigerians queried why the ban on religious gathering was lifted and schools remain closed.
Some of them are of the opinion that the children locked at home will still visit religious centres.
Here are some comments as compiled by dailypost:
Retired_T, “How do you open churches and mosques but prohibit other gatherings above 20 people? COVID na Pagan?
@Drolufunmilayo, “Every sensible country that I know of is working on opening up schools as a priority. Not churches not Mosques, but Nigeria is more worried about leaving churches and mosques closed than opening up schools. Religion is a bigger priority than education. We are just clowns.”
@eddyboyvik, “The Presidential Task Force decision to open Churches and Mosques while keeping schools closed doesn’t make any sense to me like. It’s not gonna make any difference with schools closed.”
@Mrodanz, “Churches and Mosques are opening but airports are yet to open? I like how we don’t shy away from our priorities in this country. Oyakhilome and his cohorts can go back to collecting regular tithes and offerings so they’d stop disturbing us with 5G conspiracy theories.”
@swagzyconnect, “If they are in such a hurry to open Churches and Mosques, then why not the schools? We closed all these at 100 COVID-19 cases but we are opening them after 10,000. Buhari and his cohorts are going to tear this nation apart!”
@afoguranto100, “Aggressively ignorant to condemn the existence of COVID-19, isn’t it questionable for Churches and Mosques to be opened with educational institutions still down nationwide?”
@Borngreatola, “How the government found it important to open churches and mosques but not schools still beats me. How they thought it important to relax the ban domestic flights but not interstate travels is baffling.”
@ayodejiabolaji, “The kids you’re keeping out of school will be going to the said opened Churches and Mosques.”
@Strawapil, “It is crazy for Churches and Mosques to reopen. Clubs and bars should reopen too. I have not been going to work since March.”
@thebabaibeji, “When we had about 100 cases they closed churches and mosques; now we have more than 10k cases and churches and mosques can now open.”
@kinkywubi, “Earlier today we hit 10,000 cases, as part of activities to celebrate this feat, the Presidential task force has recommended the reopening of churches and mosques! Ladies and gentlemen, may the best immune system win.”

The world woke up to the death of popular Reggae singer, songwriter and actor, Majek Fasek.



Majek Fashek

Nigerian singer-songwriter and guitarist, Majekodunmi Fasheke popularly known as Majek Fashek is dead.

Though the cause of the music legend's death is still unclear at the moment but it was gathered that he died in a hospital in New York in the late hours of Monday June 1.

Majek Fashek

Cynthia Morgan's former manager, Joy Tongo who confirmed Majek Fashek's death wrote on Instagram;

"Legendary musician, Mr. Majek Fashek has passed on today in New York City. Majek Fashek was a talented man from my home town Benin City, Edo State. RIP"

Majek Fashek

Majek Fashek's manager, Omenka Uzoma also confirmed his death. He however called for celebration of the legend's achievements in a short video.

Majek Fashek is best known for the 1988 album Prisoner of Conscience, which included the multiple award-winning single "Send Down the Rain". Before his death, he worked with various artists worldwide, including Tracy Chapman, Jimmy Cliff, Michael Jackson, Snoop Dogg and Beyoncé.

Here Is The Video Below;

A newly appointed aid to Governor Rotimi Akeredolu has slammed rapists as she urged girls to learn Taekwando.


Miss Ngozi Ugochi-Ugo
Miss Ngozi Ugochi-Ugo
Miss Ngozi Ugochi-Ugo,  the newly appointed aide of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu has began a campaign to encourage girls to learn Taekwando.
She said it will help them to defend themselves in case of attack by rapists.
It was her first post since 16 September 2017.
Ngozi was reacting to the killing of Miss Vera Uwaila Omozuwa, a 100 level student of the University of Benin, by her rapists inside the church where she was reading.
Ngozi also attended UNIBEN between 2012 and 2017.
“Unfortunately, this case is just one out of many other cases of rape in Nigeria. Uwa was not in a bar or walking down the street wearing a short skirt (one of the many myopic justifications we give for rape occurrence) she was in the church, reading”, Ngozi wrote.

“If someone like Uwa can be raped and murdered inside a church building then what can happen to rest of us?? Unfortunately the world is not safe and women are even more vulnerable”, she added.

“We can march all we want chanting justice! Justice! But what happens later on? After the culprits are apprehended, what happens when another case of rape and murder rises again, do we pick up our placards and chant Justice! Justice!

“I am certain Nigeria will change for the better but what we don’t know is just how long it’ll take this change to come. How many more people do we have to lose?? How many more girls have to go through the traumatic experience that comes with rape?? Just how many more??
“My take is if the society cannot change for the better to allow women live long enough to achieve their dreams then we (women) need to change, we need to be able to protect ourselves or at least have a fighting chance.

“I was a part of a summer camp: the Bemore summer boot camp, 2019 organised by Her Excellency Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu (First Lady of Ondo State) were over 200 girls were exposed to the basics of taekwondo for them to be able to at least defend themselves or stall their attackers long enough to seek external help and these girls were equipped for life.

“I think taekwondo should be added to extra curricular activities in our schools, children from nursery schools should be taught self defence.

“Most parents frown at the idea of engaging their daughters in taekwondo because they feel, it would make her more manly and a scarecrow for men.

“Parents can you please give your daughter a fighting chance?????

“Uwa might still be alive today if she had some skills to defend herself.

“It’s so sad.

“Rest in peace Uwa”, Ngozi concluded.

The rape and death of three Nigerian woman has been condemned by Nollywood actresses.


Tina, Uwa and Jennifer
The police have been called upon to fish out the perpetrators of the dastardly act
Nollywood A-listers, Genevieve Nnaji and Rita Dominic have taken to social media to condemn the brutal rape and killing of Nigerian  girls - Tina, Uwa and Jennifer.
Tina was killed by a stray bullet while Uwa and Jennifer died after being raped by evil men.
Reacting via her Instagram account, Rita Dominic wrote:
"There is nothing that these 3 GIRLS have done to deserve the atrocities that has befallen them.
Tina was killed by a policeman whose job was to protect her. She was 16years old

Uwa a university student went to a church to read and she was raped and murdered. She was only 22 years old.

Jennifer was raped by 11 men. She is just 12 years old. 12 years old for goodness sake!
What are we doing wrong that boys and men think that it is ok to continue violating girls and women in this manner?

Let me tell you what. We are not punishing the men who commit these atrocities in this country. We are not doing enough to hold RAPISTS accountable. We are not doing enough to check POLICE BRUTALITY.
We demand justice for these young girls! Our government and our justice system must respond to these matters PROMPTLY. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"
Genevieve Nnaji reacted via Twitter. She wrote:
"They either abuse their power, or have the power to abuse. In or out of uniform, we live in constant fear of men. Tina Ezekwe. Vera Omozuwa. Rest In Peace my darlings. We will get justice."

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor EA Adeboye took to Instagram to react to the death of UNIBEN student who was raped and gruesomely murdered in one of his church branches.



Pastor EA Adeboye, Uwa Omozuwa

Pastor E.A. Adeboye has reacted to the rape and murder of Uwa Omozuwa in one of the branches of his church, RCCG.

Pastor Adeboye, who is the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, reacted on Instagram.

He wrote: "All I can do at this time is to pray for the family of Omozuwa and do everything possible working with relevant authorities to bring the perpetrators to book. I and members of my Family condemn this act strongly and urge everyone to stay calm as we are already looking into the matter and cooperating with the police to establish the facts of the shocking situation . . #justiceforuwa"

Pastor EA Adeboye

The Redeemed Christian Church of God also released a statement. In it, they explained why Uwa was in church during the lockdown, how she was found, and the actions taken after she was found lying in the pool of her blood.

Read The Full Statement Below;

Pastor EA Adeboye

Mr Eazi's father, Captain Alexander Olukayode Ajibade has opened up about his life and his son.


Mr Eazi's father

Captain Alexander Olukayode Ajibade

Not much is known about Captain Alexander Olukayode Ajibade who retired from the Nigerian Air Force as a Squadron leader.

But his son, Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, better known as Mr. Eazi will ring a bell in the ears of many Nigerians or lovers of Afro beat.

Even though being a celebrity parent has its perks, Captain Ajibade, as fondly called and his wife chose to remain off the scene as their first son, Mr Eazi swept through cities after cities with hit records, using his style of ‘Banku Music,’ touring and striking deals across the UK, US and other markets as one of the smartest African musicians alive.

Two days before meeting Captain Ajibade at his Lagos home, I put up his name on Google but nothing came up, nothing linked him with the singer except during one of the music star’s video shoots, where Mr Eazi disclosed that Kpalanga, a military-themed music video was inspired by his pilot father’s absence from his family life.

The video features the singer and a troupe of backing dancers dressed in camouflage fatigues, reflected the “toll” his father’s absence took on their relationship. He recalled meeting his father for the first time when he was two.

As we sit down in his plush living room, I start by asking why they were not out there despite the fact that their son is arguably one of Nigeria’s most commercially successful artistes at the moment, especially in the international market.

From sold-out concerts to making huge streaming revenue, Mr Eazi can be said to have successfully cracked the code on how effectively break into the international market. He has generated more than 900 million streams worldwide, including over 226 million plays on YouTube alone.

From his tone, his reactions, one will definitely doubt that Captain Ajibade who hails from Ayetoro, Ogun State, once worked in the military. He is calm and cool, a rare trait to see in a military man.

“I have always been a very private person, let Mr Eazi do his things and we do our things here too”,
 he replies before narrating a scenario to support why they chose to remain private as Mr Eazi’s parent.

“I think it was in the news that Mr Eazi’s father was kidnapped, people who saw the news were trying to reach me. It was on Sunday and I got back from Church early so I was sleeping at home and my phone was off. By the time my wife got back and they called her, she said my husband is here.

“So they kidnapped the wrong person,” he narrated.

Upon our arrival at his home, Mr Eazi’s parents just filled up a car with cooked meals heading to somewhere in Agege to give them out to the less privileged. A week earlier, the parent through Mr Eazi’s foundation – emPawa Foundation, had donated food items to residents in Sango Ota in Ogun State, and also visited Little Saints Orphanage in Lagos to support vulnerable children with food items.

Initially, Captain Ajibade did not plan to follow the family to Agege to distribute the food but when we arrived, he had to take us in his car and waited, and after we were done, we headed back to his home and there I told him about our mission.

“I thought you guys will want to interview Mr Eazi not me and he’s not around right now,” 
he said. I told him “we are here for you for now sir.” After we settled down, he took us back to his military and religious journey as well as other things he ventured into at the same time.

“I don’t believe in titles. People just refer to me as Captain Ajibade, simple. I remembered when I was in Liberia, people call me Chaplain rather than addressing me by my rank, I retired as from the Air Force as a Squadron leader, in some circles they call me reverend, some call me pastor. In fact, there is a renowned Bishop in this country that always addresses me as a prophet.”

After leaving service, Captain Ajibade did not stop rendering service to his country, “And to the Glory of God, I fly more or less for fun now, training Police pilots with no charge,” he says. “I fly helicopters that are rare, that when you go round the whole of West Africa, you will only see one or two people that can fly that type of helicopter. So that’s basically the person I am.

Captain Ajibade has worked with notable people in Nigeria in the aviation sector, “I retired after 19 years in service of Nigerian Air Force, since then I have worked in several places. Bristow Helicopters, Adenuga’s Southern Airlines through Chief Makanjuola who owns Caverton Helicopters because he was the one paying us.

“As I said, I still fly, my dream is that one day I have my own helicopter, not necessarily because right now I’m at the retirement age of even flying but then seeing some young ones growing, doing it and I love imparting knowledge on people, whether religious knowledge, spiritualism or knowledge as per aviation because after forty-something years in the military, you know I have something to offer.

Captain Ajibade was also in Sierra Leone for ECOMOG for three years, a West African peacekeeping force that was founded to stop the bloodshed and ethnic killing. “All those experiences shaped me and my perception about life,” he added.

Captain Ajibade and his son had a weird relationship because of absence in his life while growing up. “I think I didn’t see him for about 12 months after he was born,” he says as I asked him about his relationship with his son.

“15 months, it was 15 months,” Mr Eazi’s mother, former banker now a pastor and an entrepreneur who was sitting at the dining table observing the interview from afar chipped in. “I actually met my wife in the bank where she was working,” he had told me earlier.

“Well you know women do keep accurate date and time,’’ Captain Ajibade added as he flashed back to those struggling times to serve his nation and leave his family.

“I was to go to Liberia during the civil war, I only waited for some time to do the naming ceremony and I left. It was a tough time for me because he doesn’t know me, he won’t listen or speak to me,” he lamented, “it was after I retired from the service I finally found time to work on our father and son relationship.”

Mr Eazi’s father is from Yewa constituency in Ogun State while his mother is from the South-South region of Nigeria. The couple met in Port Harcourt where Mr Eazi was born, but how did Ghana came into the picture? I asked Captain Ajibade.

Mr Eazi’s musical root has always been traced to Ghana, the singer once told Rolling Stone Magazine that “My music started out in Ghana, moved to the U.K. and then to Nigeria. To this day, the U.K. is my Number One streaming location on Apple Music and Spotify.”

Mr Eazi had his growing up years, from 15 to 22 in Ghana for his educational endeavours, enrolling in the mechanical engineering programme at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). He later proceeded to Coventry University, United Kingdom.

Helping people has always been Mr Eazi’s mission, “it was during his time at KNUST, he started doing MC, DJ and booking artistes to perform at college parties using the money to help students,” says Captain Ajibade. He did not start making music to make money.” Mr Eazi would later contribute vocals to the track “My Life”, a song that gained traction and became a popular record at KNUST.

It was during his time as show MC that he got his stage name. “When he is MCing at the party, he always cautioned people at the event to take it easy, easy easy je je which now becomes Mr Eazi,” Captain Ajibade reveals, adding that his name was Easy Easy Jeje at first.

Mr Eazi went on to pioneer Banku music, a fusion sound he describes as a mixture of Ghanaian highlife and Nigerian chord progressions and patterns. It is a sound characterized by percolating rhythms and laid-back vocal delivered in Ghanaian Pidgin English.
Expanding his community service beyond Nigeria, Mr Eazi launched a talent incubator programme ‘emPawa Africa’ in 2018, with the goal of investing in promising artists early so they could develop self-sustaining careers.

Each artiste will receive a $10,000 grant to go towards a music video, along with mentorship from professional singers, producers, and video directors.

Captain Ajibade, while reacting to that nodded in affirmation, “that’s how all my children were brought up. It is not that he is rich to sponsor all those artistes, he has sponsors, some people are also supporting him.”

“Mr Eazi always told us the story of the $1,000 investment someone made in his career and how that made a huge difference,” E Kelly, a music producer and close collaborator, told Rolling Stone in 2019.

The strategy seemed to work for singers like Joeboy, J. Derobie, and others who scored hits last year after connecting with emPawa.

I asked at what point did Mr Eazi showed interest in music, the father did not give me a specific answer but disclosed that all his children have access to many musical instruments at home and they listened to records he would play for the family while having breakfast.

Giving the fact that Military men are always strict, Captain Ajibade is far from strict, he’s actually the one we should be calling Mr Eazi. As a man of God, he believes people should do what they are passionate about and be fulfilled.

Speaking about his kind of private lifestyle, Captain Ajibade who doesn’t always attend his son’s shows and will remain in the crowd for the once he attends, said “that’s where all the fun is actually,” while his son will announce that his father is around but won’t get him noticed because he does not take life too serious because of experience while growing up.

In his words, “There are always two angles to human beings. There is spiritual and there is physical and when you have experienced both, you just know that there is nothing to it. He went on to narrate how things were hard while growing up, I say extremely rough, right from my primary school days, I even had ulcer but reading the bible and following the scripture, it impacted on my character and my way of life.”

Captain Ajibade also had a little stint in politics, he contested Federal House of Rep for three times and lost all. Prior to that, he boasted to have built more than 200 boreholes across the country as a way of giving back to the communities. While narrating how his third attempt in the National Assembly made him quit politics, he agreed that it has always been like that in Nigeria politics.

“The one that I won, those who have money bought it and that’s politics,”
 he says “At one point I was wondering that how can I win someone in his polling unit, in his ward, in his local government and yet at the end of the day, I still lose the election?

But for someone like Captain Ajibade who believes in God, took the situation as part of the training of life, “it shows how people can go into a lot of diabolical means to win elections and what I told the man was that. I said the way the animal that went to sacrifice suffered and died, that’s the way you will end up your life, and that was what happened. He was in the House of Rep three times consecutively, but he rotten to death, I was not happy about it but there is nothing you sow in life you will reap it, whether here or hereafter.”

Captain Ajibade started his political career from Alliance for Democracy, AD, and migrated to People’s Democratic Party, PDP, “and that was when Gbenga Daniel started his campaign in Ayetoro with some of my projects. I moved all my followers from AD to PDP and I have always contested under PDP, though I am not an active PDP member anymore,” he reveals.

Despite his contribution to his communities and having a good plan to represent them at the National level, Captain Ajibade’s efforts were not appreciated. “In fact I stopped been active in politics after my third-time attempt. I have come to realize that people are not ready, maybe for those who believed in divine intervention, maybe we will look for divine intervention, but the attitude of the people cannot actually bring an effective change,” he concluded.


Source: PM News

UNIBEN reacted in a statement by its Public Relations Officer, Dr. Benedicta Ehanire.



The University of Benin has reacted to the r*pe and death of one of its students, Uwa Omozuwa, The PUNCH reports.

UNIBEN in a statement by its Public Relations Officer, Dr. Benedicta Ehanire, advised its students to be wary of the company they keep and the places they visit.

Omozuwa, who was a first-year student of the Microbiology Department, was raped at Redeemed Christian Church of God Province 10, Ikpoba Hill, Benin, on May 27, 2020.

The assailants struck her head with a fire extinguisher and left her for dead.

She eventually succumbed to her injuries on May 30.

The school described the act as shocking, adding that its management would visit the deceased’s family soon.

The statement read in part, “Reacting on behalf of management, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Lillian Salami, said the actions are condemnable and should not be condoned by any society. She said the current pandemic was already hard on everyone and that compounding it with inflicting additional pain on any family is a wicked act.

“While commiserating with the bereaved family on the loss of their dear daughter, Prof. Salami prayed God to grant her soul peaceful rest. The Vice Chancellor then used the opportunity to call on students of the institution and indeed all young people to be wary of the company they keep and the places they visit.”

The governor of Edo state has reacted to the brutal killing of a student of the University of Benin.



Edo state governor, Godwin Obaseki, has reacted to the news of the r*pe and murder of a 100-level student of the University of Benin UNIBEN, Uwaila Omozuwa, inside a Redeemed Christian Church of God parish in the state.

Reacting via his Twitter handle, the governor said the police has been mandated to identify, arrest and prosecute anyone found culpable in her death

''I have ordered the Nigeria Police Force (@PoliceNG ) to thoroughly investigate the circumstances that led to the death of Miss Vera Uwaila Omozuwa, a 100-level student of the University of Benin (UNIBEN).

The @PoliceNG  has been mandated to identify, arrest and prosecute anyone found culpable in her death. The Violence Against Persons (VAP) Law is in effect in our state.

Using this law, we would ensure to investigate what exactly transpired and deal decisively with the those found complicit in the dastardly act, whoever they might be. '' 
he tweeted

The suspect said to be a resident of Ogun State, was picked up by the decoy team of the RRS last Thursday.


The suspect

Operatives of the Rapid Response Squad, Lagos State Police Command, have arrested a 19-year-old National Diploma holder of the Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, for plotting to blackmail popular artiste, Salawa Abeni, The PUNCH reports.

The suspect, Olufowoke Emmanuel, said to be a resident of Ogun State, was picked up by the decoy team of the RRS last Thursday.

The police were said to have been trailing Emmanuel for three days.

The artiste recently went on social media to raise the alarm over plans to blackmail her with her nude photos.

She posted her WhatsApp conversation with the suspect and the purported old photos he planned to use for the blackmail.

The Commissioner of Police, Mr Hakeem Odumosu, was said to have in April 2020, directed the Commander, RRS, DCP Olatunji Disu, to fish out the blackmailer.

After the technical diagnosis of the complaint, the decoy team was said to have narrowed down on him.

The police said Emmanuel could not be picked immediately because of the prevalence of the COVID-19, adding that he was later arrested.

The suspect, in his statement to the police, allegedly confessed to the crime, saying he wanted to extort money from the artiste.

The Electrical Engineering graduate, reportedly said he saw the nude pictures in a memory card he picked up on the floor in YABATECH in November 2019.

He added that after downloading the photographs on his phone, he got Abeni’s mobile number from her Instagram page.

“On 1st of April, 2020, I chatted her up and also called her after sending a few of the photos to her online.

“My intention was to negotiate with her for a few bucks and for me to destroy the photographs.

“I thought everything was going on fine until the following day when I heard the news of the blackmail over the radio.

“I was with my mother. She even cursed the blackmailer unknown to her that I was the one behind it.

“I immediately sneaked out, destroyed the memory card, and threw my mobile phone and SIM card into a nearby wetland in Magboro.

“Since then, I never mentioned it to anyone and called Madam Salawa Abeni about it again,”
 he said.

The Lagos CP, Odumosu, said no individual would be allowed to commit a crime in Lagos from any state or escape to other states in Nigeria to evade arrest.

He advised parents to monitor their children, emphasising that the Internet was a fertile ground for opportunities but the command would not allow criminals to use it to exploit law-abiding residents.

The yet- to- be named officer went berserk around 5am following a disagreement with other members of his team.


police shoots colleagues

The officer has been nabbed

Accordng to The Nation, a yet- to- be named policeman on Sunday morning allegedly opened fire on his colleagues at Onikan, killing some of them.

The yet- to- be named officer went berserk around 5am following a disagreement with other members of his team.

It was gathered that the trigger- happy cop hijacked their operational vehicle after shooting them and drove straight to Akoka in Yaba around 5am where he attempted to access a compound but couldn’t.

According to sources, the building had a metallic door and the policeman said to be attached to the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) allegedly opened sporadic fire on the property to gain access.

Residents said they were frightened and took cover not knowing what was happening since it was around 5am.

The Nation gathered that no fewer than 30 bullet holes were counted in an apartment, corridor and ceiling of the premises.

It was learnt that the shooter, who spotted black outfit and rose in a white escort van with siren, might have become more frustrated after his vehicle stock in a ditch when he made to escape.

Sources said distress calls were made to the Bariga Police Division and the Rapif Response Squad (RRS) who deployed operatives to the scene and restrained the acrive shooter.

From short videos obtained by The Nation from residents, the trigger happy cop was screaming incoherent, a development suggestive of a possible mental illness.

He was heard alleging that some persons wanted to corrupt him and that he should be allowed to go home in the name of Jesus.

At the time of this report, police spokesman Bala Elkana told our correspondent that the command was investigating the matter to understand what truly happened, adding that a statement would be released later.

A young lady has been caught stealing yet again at a shop she previously stole from in Warri.


The unidentified woman

An unidentified lady got more than she bargained for after was allegedly caught stealing from a shop she stole from the previous day.

In the video which has gone viral online, the lady who was begging those who caught her in the act said "she was frustrated". She also wasn't clear on what happened to her mother and its correlation to the theft.

One of those who apprehended her was however heard asking her why she didn't go into "commercial sex like her mates".

Here is the video below;


Popular Nigerian actress has been caught on camera flaunting her bare baby bump following her pregnancy announcement.


Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels whose pregnancy news was first announced yesterday by her husband, Ned Nwoko, 59, has released more photos and videos of her baby bump.

The couple got married in May last year and are now expecting their first child together.

Politician Ned Nwoko made the pregnancy announcement on Instagram after which Regina took to her own account to release more photos and videos while explaining what it feels like being pregnant. She said it's the best feeling ever and she finds herself talking to her bump.

Friends and fellow actors have sent in congratulatory messages following her announcement.

Below are more photos and videos of her bare bump


Watch Regina Daniels in the videos below.

Popular Nigerian fashion designer, Toyin Lawni has stunned fans by going n*ked to celebrate reaching a milestone on Instagram.


Toyin Lawani

Fashion entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani celebrated reaching a million followers on Instagram by sharing her n*ked photo online.

In the photo, the mother of two was pictured completely n*ked as she enjoyed a bath in a tub.  She wrote her caption: 'Ok let’s celebrate The one million followers.'

Toyin Lawani

See full photo below.

The man says he has been banging his head against a tree every day for the last five years to condition his body.


The man

Should you come across a man banging his head violently against a tree in the streets, what would your reaction be?

A shoe repairman from Seoul’s Sinchon neighborhood does exactly just this and his bizarre case was featured on South Korean television last month.

The man says he has been banging his head against a tree every day for the last five years to condition his body.

During his April feature on South Korean TV show X SBS WOW, he showed his forehead callus to prove that he has been doing a lot of headbanging for quite some time.

X SBS WOW visited the unnamed shoe repairman last month and managed to capture his bizarre daily conditioning regimen on camera. The man steps out of his little street-side shop and after stretching his arms a few times, he starts banging his shoulders against a nearby tree. That’s only the beginning of his routine, though, as the main part of the training involves slamming his forehead against the bark-covered tree trunk.

Of course, that must hurt a lot and at a point in the video, the reporter tries to stop the man from hurting himself by pointing out to him that he has blood on his forehead.

The daredevil shrugs off the concern by saying that this is his regular exercise routine and that the injury is just skin deep and nothing to worry about.

When he is done exercising for the day, he returns to his little shop, where he proceeds to apply some antiseptic to his forehead. He then lets the reporter touch the scar in the middle of his forehead, so he can feel the callus that has developed underneath the skin.

Apparently, the scar never has the chance to heal properly because he bangs his head against the tree every day.

Explaining why he goes through this unusual daily training, the man said that he used to be a boxer when he was young. Sadly, he had to give up the dream to be the best in the sport after starting a family.

As he hasn’t had the time or money to visit a boxing gym in decades, he came up with the unique training regimen to condition himself and convince people that he wasn’t someone they’d want to mess with.

“Maybe some will laugh at me, but most people wouldn’t harm someone that does what I do,”
 the man said.

Despite being taken to a local boxing gym by X SBS WOW in a bid to rekindle his passion for boxing and give up his dangerous daily habit, the man is unsure if he will give up his headbanging.

Asked if he would give up head-banging for boxing, the man hesitated and then said that he’ll probably keep doing his thing until he turns 65, and then stop.



Source: TheGuardian

Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko have revealed they are about to have their first child together.


Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko

Nollywood actress and her husband, Prince Ned Nwoko are expecting their first child together.

The very rich businessman made the announcement on Instagram where he shared photos of the pregnant actress.

Prince Ned Nwoko wrote;  It is now official. I am excited to announce that my baby is having a baby @regina.daniels


Regina Daniels who also confirmed this in an Instagram post, disclosed that she has never been this happy before. She also stated that the feeling of becoming a mum is the most amazing journey of her life.

She wrote;   I have never been this happy before , This feeling of becoming a mum is the most amazing journey of my life ...I see myself speaking to my tummy all day , staring at the mirror and still can’t believe it .This child is about to change my entire life Oh! How much I can’t wait.


The flight that conveyed the evacuees landed at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport on Saturday afternoon.


Nigerians arrive from China

Some of the 268 Nigerians stranded in China, on arrival at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, on Saturday. Photo: NAN

At least 268 Nigerians evacuated from China have arrived in Abuja, The PUNCH can confirm.

The flight that conveyed the evacuees landed at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport on Saturday afternoon.

Disclosing this in a tweet, the Chairman, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, said the returnees would proceed on compulsory 14 days quarantine as stipulated by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.

Some of the nationals had faced serial racial discriminations in Guangzhou, China, from provincial officials.

They were reportedly evicted from their apartments and hotels following their alleged refusal to go for the mandatory quarantine imposed by the Guangdong Provincial authorities sequel to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Some Nigerians sent a video of a woman with two children who were staying on the streets.

In the footage, the unidentified woman was feeding her infant daughter as the older second child slept in a baby walker; she was allegedly evicted from her apartment.

But the Chinese authorities said they subsequently provided free hotel accommodations for 207 Nigerians.

The government said the beneficiaries included Nigerians who were evicted from their hotels and apartments by officials in the wake of the compulsory quarantine and testing of foreigners for coronavirus by the Guangzhou Municipal Authorities.

Popular Nigerian singer, Davido has revealed how he got the money he used in buying his mansion in Banana Island.



Davido recently bought a new house in Banana Island and fans were thrilled with the move.

The singer has now taken to Twitter to post about the new house. He revealed that he got the house in Banana Island with money made from singing about "banana falling on someone".

The house, located in the exclusive highbrow area of Lagos, features a private lift, something the singer says he's always wanted.

After sharing videos showing the interior of the house on Instagram, he took to Twitter to write: "Moved to banana with money I made from singing about bananas falling someone .... Cruise."


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