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Nigerian singer, Terry G has reacted to the arrest of popular Instagram big boy, Hushpuppi after he was whisked away by the authorities over alleged fraud.



Terry G Reacts To Hushpuppi's Arrest

Nigerian singer, Gabriel Oche Amanyi, popularly known as Terry G, has reacted to the arrest of popular big boy, Hushpuppi.

Nigerian big boy in Dubai Hushpuppi was reportedly arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, and the International Police, Interpol, alongside his friend, Woodberry.

According to reports, Hushpuppi and Mr Woodbery’s arrest was as a result of months of investigation by the FBI following a fraudulent deal that involved Hushpuppi and his crew.

Rumors flying across social media have it that Hushpuppi and his crew collected the sum of $35 million for Coronavirus (COVID-19) ventilator.

Hushpuppi’s arrest was confirmed after close friends and some business faithful could not reach him because his phone was off.

Reacting to the turn of events, Terry G, urged people to pray for the Instagram big boy, as no one is clean or perfect.

He wrote on Instagram;

“None of us is clean nor perfect,all we pray is for God to be our asiri… pray for him”

Terry G

Residents say the river is the source of the town, the guardian that protects their children wherever they reside on earth.


Erin Ayonigba River

Photo credit: Sun News

Erin Ayonigba River in Erinjiyan Ekiti, Ekiti West Local Government Area of Ekiti State, is a river with strange kind of fish. The river is said to heal various ailments.

According to the people of Erinjiyan, the river is the source of the town, the guardian that protects their children wherever they reside on earth and it is capable of solving numerous problems and challenges affecting man. Even the name, Erinjiyan, was coined from the name of the river, “Erin”. Erijiyan translates to “Erin river does not argue,” which is the reason the river is located where it is today.

The river, Daily Sun gathered, has fish and other creatures in it that are believed to be the children of the river goddess, hence, they are not tampered with or killed.

Whenever there a visitor to the town to see the fish, a loaf of bread would be cut in small pieces and thrown into the river and in seconds all the fish would swim up to eat the portions of bread. The townspeople also claim the fish would never eat bread thrown into the river from, let alone be seen by, any visitor whose mind is not clean and whose visit to the river has some elements of suspicion or doubt.

Also, if the water were to be used for prayers and is fetched and given to someone with an unclean mind or evil intentions, the water would not get to the home of that person. The container would crack, burst, or something strange would happen to it so that it leaks or pours away before the person gets home.

An elderly woman, Mrs. Abike Owotuyi, popularly called “Iya Erin,” is the custodian of the river. She is the appeaser of the river goddess and in charge of whatever has to do with the river, the one who renders panegyrics to the fish before they swim up for visitors to see. According to Owotuyi, there are eight quarters that make up Erijiyan town: Inisa, Osasin, Igbeyin, Ilofi, Iwaro, Igemo, Aaye and Oketere. The river, Omi Erin Ayonigba, has its source and is situated in Oketere quarters of Erijiyan Ekiti.

It cures 200 ailments. The river gives children to the barren or those with delayed pregnancy, the person would drink the water and bathe with it. When the river gives a child, the mother is expected to bring the child every seventh month of the year (July) to celebrate with the people of the town; in this month, the people of Erinjiyan, from the king to the chiefs, men and women, young and old, together celebrate the river. The celebration is called “Odun Olokun.” There is no specific date for the celebration.

During the celebration, maidens in their numbers from all quarters of the town decorate their bodies with beads. The beads take the place of their clothing, except for brassieres and shorts, and their hair is beautifully plaited. Beside the river are clusters of palm trees. During the celebrations, in the olden days, only unmarried female virgins moved around the palm trees; any lady who lied about being a virgin would fall on the seventh lap around the tree, and the men at the other side of the river would shout, indicating that she was not a virgin. But today, it is no longer like that, because even a little girl can hardly boast about being a virgin.

Erin Ayonigba River is the only river that all the people of town collectively worship, as people only worship other smaller rivers in the quarters where they are located.

It is a taboo to boil water from the river or dilute it with hot water. Fish in the river, the people believe, are children of the river goddess; nobody kills a fish and takes it home to cook, as the fish would never get cooked. If the person cuts the fish into small pieces and cooks the fish, the water would be boiling above the fish while the pieces would join to become a whole fish in the pot; and strange happenings would befall the person’s home and the neighbourhood where the fish is cooked, such as death of little children, infants and toddlers, because one of the river goddess’s children was killed, hence the revenge on little children.

It is also a taboo to touch the palm trees by the riverbank with a knife or cutlass. During their annual celebration where maidens move around the palm trees, the townspeople say there is a very big snake called “Ere” or “Ejola.” The snake is big enough to swallow human beings or large animals like goats. The snake, the townspeople insist, has been there for decades; Mrs. Owotuyi said she grew up with it and they always walk on the snake during their annual celebration. She explained that if the snake suspects that someone is trying to look at it with keenness, it quickly changes to a rope. The snake (Ejola) comes out from its habitat within the river to the grove of palm trees only when it is nine days to the celebration.

The celebration lasts till dawn and it is said that whoever the river goddess wants to show a sign, she physically manifests herself to the person by increasing her size and sitting on a seat close to the bridge linking the river with the road, breastfeeding her children that surround her.

If she wants to give way for anyone while sitting close to the river, no one would see her when leaving, and if she wants to scold any of her children, that is, any of the sons or daughters of the town, she (the goddess) would not leave her sitting position and whoever is coming close to the river would see her, for instance, someone who had stayed out late and was returning home. With this sign, the person would know he or she has done something wrong. Oftentimes she would come out in the night and whenever she wants to come out during the day, she would appear as a fat woman, change to a girl or an elderly woman and she would walk straight to the palace to greet the king. Whenever she appears in this form, she is not always noticed, but people like the river custodian (Owotuyi) and a few others who are not ordinary people would recognise her and they would exchange greetings.

During the town’s celebrations, akara (bean cake) is fried in households and whoever cannot afford this can bring groundnuts, kola, salt or any other thing, depending on their purse. Balls of akara, firewood butts and some of the pans used for frying are used to offer prayers for the town and their children wherever they may be. Some of akara balls, firewood and frying pans are thrown into the river after the prayers and they find their way to the shores of the sea in cities like Lagos and any of their children who visits the sea at this point would know that their celebration has taken place and they would inform others.

The goddess does not like being disturbed. During the last dry season, some people were at the river to clear it and remove some rubbish, those to do the work had been paid three days before the date, but she (river goddess) went straight to the king of the town, asked him if he wanted to kill her children, and the king immediately stopped the work.

The location of the river has cut the town into two equal parts. The source of the river is a dry ground with two trees on it called “Igi Odan,” with thick roots on the surface, a short distance from the river. Before now, the traditional tree that was planted there was “Igi Agbagba”. Some time ago, the Agbagba tree was uprooted and later replaced with “Igi Odan”, in the process of erecting poles to bring electricity into the town.

During the dry season, the goddess returns all the fishes in the river to the source and keeps them there and, by 1pm, whoever sits under the tree would hear sounds of fish swimming.

Apart from the town celebrating the river goddess, the day she wants to celebrate herself, she increases her size and she starts shaking on the surface of the river so that whoever stands by the bank of the river at that time would hear drumbeats emanating from inside the river.

When the river goddess gives anyone a child, hot water must not be used on the child. Whenever there is a pronouncement that no child should bathe in the river, after three days, the colour of the water would change to red and she would go straight to the palace to challenge the king and ask him if it is right for a mother not to see her child daily. This river loves it when children bathe in it and it doesn’t harm or drown people.

The town uses a cow to appease the goddess of the river whenever the occasion calls for it. The river forbids someone to a make a pledge and not redeem it after his prayers are answered. It is better not to a make pledge, but just say that they would do whatever they can afford when their prayers are answered.

The river does not disturb the non-indigenes living in the town, as they also drink and bathe with it, but they are not to travel to their villages taking the water with them without informing a son or daughter of the land. All that must be done is that anybody, small or big, from the town should be informed before they take the water outside the town.

The COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world, Erinjiyan people claim, cannot affect any of their children as they often send the goddess to every part of the world to protect their sons and daughters from sicknesses and diseases. If a child from the town dies within this period of COVID-19, the death cannot be linked to coronavirus; something he or she has been struggling with is responsible for the person’s death.

They believe no child of the town ever suffers from affliction, except when that child has overstepped his or her boundaries, and believes he is an island and knows it all.

The river used to gift people fowls, ducks and pigeons but has stopped doing so when the people (receivers) started to use the gifts for evil deeds. The person gifted would know from the river bank when the animal followed him or her to their house and would refuse to go back even after being chased severally.

Such a chicken would hatch all the eggs it laid. The person, after it has hatched the eggs, would take the animal and all its young back to the river, whichever swims away belongs to the river, while the remaining are taken back home.

Mrs. Blessing, from Benue State, resides in Erinjiyan with her husband and children; she said the river is not harmful. The people are peaceful and do not discriminate. They (visitors) also drink, bathe and wash with the water.

Source:Sun News

A Twitter user has accused a SARS officer of extorting him and his wife for flouting the curfew placed to curb the coronavirus pandemic.



Nigerian Man Accuse SARS Officials Of Driving Him And His Wife To An ATM And Asking Them To Withdraw 500,000 Naira

A man has claimed that SARS tried to extort him and his wife of 500,000 Naira after they were seen outside past curfew.

Bruce Bateman said the incident happened 2 weeks ago. He claims the SARS officials drove him and his wife from Lekki to Marina and asked them to withdraw 500K from the ATM. He said 250K was the fine levied on him and 250K on his wife.

He made this revelation while discussing kidnapping and armed robbery. He insinuated that Nigerian policemen are kdinappers and armed robbers because of the way they arrest and extort civilians.

He wrote: "We need Nigerian police to stop kidnappers and armed robbers.

"SARS that drove my wife and I from Lekki to Marina and asked us to withdraw 500k from the ATM if we wanted to be released. Shey that one is not kidnap and armed robbery?

He added: "Ogbeni was asking me why I was talking to him with my mask on. Do I think they have Covid? Lmao.

"Couldn’t even explain how you can possibly withdraw 500k from an ATM."





The General overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has revealed how he would kill anyone who messes with his other half.



Pastor Adeboye

Pastor Adeboye revealed that he is willing to kill anyone who messes around with his wife, Foluke.

General overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, during one of his weekly morning devotion revealed how far he could go to protect his wife, saying he will kill anyone who tries to mess with her.

According to Adeboye, husbands and wives only have a single job on their hands and he says it is to have a successful union. He added that the wife should learn to be submissive to her husband while the husband’s assignment is to love his wife.

He went on to say, people can do whatever they like to him in forms of criticism and insults but they must not extend it to his wife.

“You can do whatever you like to me, you can criticize me, you can insult me, you can trample on me, I will only pray for you. But if you mess around with my wife, I will kill you. I will kill you so thoroughly you won’t even be able to rise on the resurrection morning. When people ask me how are you going to do that, I tell my daddy to send you to hell straight away,
” the man of God said.

Watch Video Below;

Davido's fiancee, Chioma Avril has been called unprintable names by journalist, Kemi Olunloyo.


Kemi Olunloyo and Davido
Kemi Olunloyo and Davido
Controversial Nigerian journalist Kemi Olunloyo has slammed Chioma Avril, calling her daft.
Olunloyo was reacting to trending news that Nigerian singer, Davido has reportedly welcomed a fourth baby boy in March with London based Makeup artist Larissa Lorenco.
Recall that reports alleged that Davido blocked Larissa on social media to prevent her from getting access to him after denying the baby.
Nigerians woke up to the shocking news of an alleged 4th baby mama whom they believe her appearance will shake Chioma’s relationship with Davido.
Reactions by Nigerians on Twitter revealed that many are heartbroken and disappointed at Davido for cheating on Chioma if reports surrounding his supposed relationship with the UK lady is true.
Reacting to the news, Kemi Olunloyo has reposted her January tweet where she said the “Fall” singer did not have any plan to marry Chioma.
She wrote; “Chioma my lover~~Assurance by @davido 🙄Chioma dear, that’s all you’re going to be. Davido’s lover. Very DAFT Igbo girl. In a land where they don’t have kids out of wedlock.

“January tweet. Shebi I’m a Prophet or fake news carrier,”

Nigerian music star, Tekno has been ranked ahead of his peers after garnering more YouTube views.


Tekno ranks ahead of Wizkid and Burna Boy in Youtube views
Tekno ranks ahead of Wizkid and Burna Boy in Youtube views
Talented musician, Tekno has been left excited after after he ranked ahead of Wizkid and Burna Boy on Top 5 most viewed Nigerians of all time.
A Nigerian Twitter page dedicated to music updates, @Naija_Charts shared a list of ‘Top 5 most streamed (viewed) Nigerians of all time” on Monday, June 8.
According to the list, Davido came first with over 606 million views; Tekno came second with over 572 million views; Burna Boy came third with over 504 million views.
Also, Wizkid came fourth with over 478 millions views while Nigerian gospel singer, Sinach came fifth with over 471 million views. The rating was based on all-time accumulated number of audiovisual streams on the official YouTube channel of each celebrity listed.
Videos uploaded on the the Record Label’s channel were not counted.
Confirming the reliability of the rating, Tekno quoted the tweet and wrote: “I no even get album or EP…. wow! Who God bless no man can…”

According to reports, Popstar, Davido has welcomed his 4th child with a London based makeup artist.



Davido Allegedly Welcomes Baby With New Baby Mama, Larissa London

Nigerian pop star Davido has allegedly welcomed new baby with another baby mama identified as Larissa Yasmin Lorenco A.K.A Larissa London, a UK-based make up artist born and raised in Angola.

This is according to a report on Instagram by GistMerchant blog.



The report has it that the baby was birthed in March 2020 and Larissa had been off the radar since then, only for her to resurface of recent.

Davido is reported to have denied the baby and allegedly blocked the lady from getting access to him.

Read Full Gist Below:

“There have been rumours floating around for a while now of Davido having another child. I’m here to confirm the gist and give details. Meet the newest baby mama Larissa Yasmin Lorenco A.K.A Larissa London. A make up artist born and raised in Angola but moved to UK and have been in David’s life since 2017 (swipe to see her in the background of his picture back in 2017).

He sure knows how to shuffle these women at the same time. She went off social media when the rumour initially started and have only just returned to posting again. She posted the above picture to make it seem like she is still pregnant so as to confuse the timeline meanwhile she already delivered a baby boy back in March and this is an old picture.

This is her second child as she already has a daughter. The hookup that resulted in this pregnancy happened in NewYork Mid last year (Summer ‘19) when David was back and forth in US first for his second daughter’s birthday, then a brief Euro tour, back in US for Memorial weekend show, next in Nigeria for his first daughter’s hair product launch and then back in US in June for another show in Philadelphia and branched afterward in NY to give Larissa belle before moving on to ATL for the rest of his trip.

Larissa was also with him at the Afrofest Portugal that happened back in August of 2019.

Davido is currently denying the baby and blocked her so she has no access to him. He is trying to save face with the Chef Chi.

For a while now things haven’t been rosy between them and they have been living apart but with this news now, trust them to come together and do photoshoot, pressing breast and sharing tongue to convince us that Chivido is still going to happen. My guess? Chivido is dead in the water. Fingers crossed.”


Nigerian musician, Adekunle Gold has given insight following the birth of his first child.


Adekunle Gold and wife, Simi
Adekunle Gold and wife, Simi
Popular musician Adekunle Gold has opened up after becoming a father.
Recall that we reported that he recently welcomed his first child with his singer wife, Simi.
The couple announced the birth of their baby girl, Adejare, on Sunday.
Adekunle Gold said he cried when the new born came out.
He wrote: “It’s been a lot right? I know. The violence against women, against black people and this pandemic, was just too much, I had to log out for a bit. I had to check out to prepare a healthy mind and safe space to welcome my child into the world.

“And even though I have sad feelings throughout the day about the crisis outside when I am with my baby, it’s pure unadulterated joy. I cried so much when Adejare came out. I cried when I first held her. I can’t lie, I still stare at her and shed a few more. Lol.

“I’m obsessed with all her expressions; you need to see her stank face – it’s hilarious. I have never seen any baby this beautiful. I mean it. My baby came out with a head full of hair like mine and the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen like Simi. Wow.

“I feel so protective over her, and everything happening right now has made me even more conscious of how I want to raise her. I want her to always know she is loved. She is powerful. She is pure black girl magic and I will always believe in her.”

In a statement, Okotie rejected the guidelines, saying the “fulfilment of the Bible prophecy” against the church is already being played out.


Chris Okotie

Pastor Chris Okotie

Chris Okotie, founder of the Household of God Church, has rejected the guidelines issued by the Lagos state government for the reopening of worship centres, TheCable reports.

The Lagos state government, on Thursday, announced that religious activities will resume in two weeks.

While Muslims will return to mosques on June 19, Christian worship would begin on June 21.

Some guidelines were also announced by the state government to facilitate the reopening of worship centres and to curb the spread of COVID-19.

They include the compulsory use of face masks; restriction of people below the age of 15 and above 65 years from services, while gatherings should not exceed one hour.

But in a statement, Okotie rejected the guidelines, saying the “fulfilment of the Bible prophecy” against the church is already being played out and that rearranging the church’s mode of worship is “to deny God the divine prerogative of congregational adoration”

Citing how Dagon, the god of the Philistines, was destroyed in the Bible, he said the coronavirus will be annihilated in like manner.

He, however, said while his church awaits the defeat of the virus, its doors will remain closed until “these profanation and secularization have been pulverized by the Emperor of heaven.”

“Beloved, yesterday, the abomination of desolation took a giant step towards standing in the holy place. Fulfillment of bible prophecy is being accelerated by the forces of Janes and Jambres,” he said.

“To reorder temple worship is to deny God the divine prerogative of congregational adoration and the holy genuflects of the saints in light. Let no man’s heart be troubled by the vengeance of satanic antagonism.

“Dagon the god of the philistines fell in obeisance before the Ark of God. Coronavirus, the god of Secular Humanism will be decapitated in like manner.

“Our doors will remain closed until these profanation and secularization have been pulverized by the Emperor of heaven. Unto him shall the gathering of the people be. To thy tents O Israel.”

The clergyman had earlier criticised the proposed guidelines offered by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to the federal government, saying they were “unbiblical”.

According to CAN, the guidelines, in accordance with the government’s efforts to tackle the COVID-19, would determine the operations of churches when they reopen.

A student of Babcock university accused of raping 24 girls including his cousin has finally broken his silence.


Yangy has denied the allegations
Godknows ‘Yangy’ Adolphus Owhor, a Babcock university student accused of sexually assaulting 24 girls has finally reacted.
Reacting to the allegations of raping 24 girls including his cousin on social media, Yangy denied it all.
He went on to reveal that he almost committed suicide after he was accused of raping the girls as he denied ever meeting any of the ladies.
Yangy was accused of luring girls to chill with him and then take advantage of the girls.
Watch the video below:

Not even the plea by the Oyo State government, her state, could make the woman change her mind as she insisted on staying back.


Peace Busari

Abike Dabiri-Erewa

According to The Nation, the Nigerian lady who was offered for sale at $1,000 in Lebanon, Peace Busari, has refused to return to the country, the Chairman of Nigerian Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM), Abike Dabiri-Erewa, has said.

The NiDCOM chairman, who spoke on Thursday during an interaction with the Lebanese Ambassador to Nigeria, Houssan Diab, said the woman turned down all entreaties to return to Nigeria.

She said the 31-year-old Busari said she had secured another job and would prefer staying back in Lebanon.

Not even the plea by the Oyo State government, her state, could make her change her mind as she insisted on staying back.

Dabiri-Erewa said: “As for the young Nigerian lady that we were able to save, who was advertised for $1,000, the Ambassador has told us that the culprit is actually a resident in Lebanon. However, the lady is still with the mission. In fact, she has got another job. But the reality is that she said she does not want to come back and she said she has found another job.

“I spoke to her myself on the phone and I told her that if she gets into any trouble, there will be nobody to call. But she said she does not want to come back, that she has found another job.

“Even the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) of Oyo State, where she is from, spoke to her. We just hope that Nigerians going to work in Lebanon will be properly treated and not treated as slaves.

“As the ambassador said, the issue of work permit will be properly looked into. Agents are there collecting and making money and not seeing to the welfare of these people who are going to work.”

Rollas said the measure became imperative following recent cases of alleged r*pe and sexual molestation of some individuals in the industry.



Emeka Rollas

The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) says it has introduced communication links to tackle sexual assault and other forms of abuses on actors in Nollywood.

According to NAN, Emeka Rollas, AGN president, broke the news in Lagos on Thursday.

Rollas said the measure became imperative following recent cases of alleged rape and sexual molestation of some individuals in the industry.

He said he had already issued directive to Ronnie Dikko, his aide on sexual harassment and related abuses, to open communication links on the issue.

“The recent revelation of alleged rape and sexual molestation on some individuals in the film industry is calling for serious attention and I must put an end to such an abuse,”
 he said.

“It doesn’t speak well of us and of me as the president of AGN, I must restore sanity into the Nollywood industry as part of my commitments toward protecting my members and the image of this noble body.

“I have told my SSA to quickly open a special telephone line and an e-mail address through which the victims of this immoral act can reach out directly to the Guild.

“This will enable us seek redress and offer counseling process for complete healing to victims of sexual abuse.”

He urged all survivors of sexual abuse, molestation, financial demands and rape to make the best use of the links to send their petitions and complaints to the guild.

The AGN president specifically directed victims to Dikko and also gave the e-mail address as: [email protected], or call 0705 397 5522 for direct information”.

According to him, the communication lines will be opened and all related matters will be treated with strict confidentiality and respect of victims.

Popular Nigerian musician, Dbanj has been accused 1by a model scout of raping a victim.


A Nigerian model scout, Benjamin Ese has accused musician, Dbanj of allegedly raping his friend two years ago.
He made the disclosure after the singer joined the campaign against sexual violence and demanded justice for rape victims in a post on his Instagram page.
The Koko Master post read: “#NoMeansNo, we need to raise our sons in the right way and teach them to love and respect women.

“We need justice for our girls, Say no to rape, racism and tribalism. Let us stop living in FEAR and HATE , and start living in LOVE.”
Responding to his post, one Otunba Benjamin, known as @action_ben, took to his Instagram page, alleging that Dbanj has no right to speak against rape, claiming that he raped his friend.
He claimed that Dbanj had some time raped his friend after he offered her N200,000 in exchange for sex, and she refused.
According to him, the incident happened in a hotel in Victoria Island.
He alleged that Dbanj collected the spare key of the girl’s hotel room from the receptionist and allegedly raped her afterwards.
Although he refused to disclose his friend’s identity, he added that she decided to keep mute after the incident because of the stigma.
Parts of his post read: “How you dare to post about rape baffles me. On the 30th of December 2018 at Eko Atlantic an event called splash off which was an all-white party, franklin your manager then invited my friend to the party, On getting there Dbanj sighted her and sent a few people to talk to her, but she refused.

“My friend left the party and went to glee hotel in Vi where she was lodged then my friend got a call from Oyinda who at that time was dating Dbanj’s friend, telling her the amount of money Dbanj was ready to spend on her if she agrees, but my friend turned down the offer because she was not interested.

“However Dbanj drove from Eko hotel where he was lodged and came down to glee hotel in Victoria island at midnight 2:40am and collected the spare key from the receptionist, obviously it’s Dbanj a fucking celebrity rapist, he would be given a spare key, got into my friend’s room and forcefully threatened he would walk her out of the room naked, Kept his fingers in her Vagina and repeatedly raped her. He left immediately he did that.”
He added that his friend has since been traumatized by the event and threatened to commit suicide after seeing the singer’s post on rape.
“Take this post down and stop clouting, stop being a preacher of rape because you’re a rapist. I know I do not have the power to push this, but all Rapists will die a miserable death,” his post added.
However, Dbanj has remained silent and is yet to respond to the allegations.
There has been an outcry on social media by Nigerians and influential figures demanding justice for rape victims and sexual violence after the rape and murder of Vera Omozuwa in a church in Benin city.

Controversial Nigerian Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has caused chaos on social media after she prayed for singer, Davido to get confined to a wheelchair.



Kemi Olunloyo, Davido

Controversial Nigerian Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo was blasted on social media after she stated that the next misfortune that will befall Davido is confinement to wheelchair.

The self-acclaimed Nigerian investigative journalist made her wish known in a recent tweet she shared on Tuesday night, June 2, 2020.

Recall that Davido recently sustained an injury on his left leg, and photos of him walking with the support of crutches surfaced on social media

Kemi in her reaction to the news, hoped that the fracture confines Davido to a wheelchair and not just crutches.

Taking To Twitter, She Wrote;

“Walk the walk, talk the talk. Sorry is an easy word to say, soon it will be a wheelchair.”



Nigerian international and top striker for French club, Lille has won the player of the year award from his club.


Victor Osimhen
Victor Osimhen
Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen has added an award to his name after being voted as the Player of The Year at his French club Lille.
Osimhen’s emergence as Lille’s best player in the truncated 2019-20 season is not surprising for many going by the spectacular displays of the 21-year old in what is just his maiden campaign in Ligue 1.
Among other feats; Osimhen had scored 18 goals and provided eight assists in all competitions for the French Ligue 1 side, before the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic disrupted the season.
It is these breathtaking performances that have seen Osimhen be linked with a possible transfer to several top clubs across Europe.
On the list of potential suitors for Osimhen are Napoli, Liverpool and Chelsea who are all said to be willing to pay heavily to lure the striker away from Lille.
Since his record-breaking performance at the 2015 U-17 World Cup, where he scored 10 goals -the most by any player in a single tournament- Osimhen has continued to shoot, despite having a torrid time at Wolfsburg where he was denied enough playing time.
The same way Osimhen has been the toast of fans at his club, he has also been tipped for greatness with the Nigeria national team, the Super Eagles.Already, some have identified Osimhen as the next Rashidi Yekini.
On 14 August, 2019, the coach of the Nigerian National Team, Gernot Rohr, extended an invitation to Osimhen for a friendly against Ukraine that was played on September 10, 2019, in Dnipro Arena, Ukraine, which ended in a 2–2 draw.
He was also included in the Super Eagles team to face Brazil in a friendly match in Singapore on 13 October 2019 and also helped Nigeria to win bronze at the 2019 African Cup of Nations in Egypt.
Before Osimhen’s emergence as the player of the year at Lille, another Nigerian, Simon Moses, had also been crowned Player of the Year, this time by Nantes.
Both Osimhen and Simon have been nominated for the African French Player of The year.
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