Latest African hairstyles braids 2020 (Part 1)

Have you ever gone to a salon and come out feeling more beautiful, confident and younger? If you have then it means you always know the latest African hairstyle that complements your face and skin tone. 

However, choosing the latest African hairstyle is more about using your hair to make a lasting impression. The good news is that African hairstyles especially those that involve braids will never be outdated. 

Vivid colors on hair will make you selfie ready while short hairstyles are easy to maintain. One way to find the latest hairstyle is to look at celebrities that have the same face shape and hair texture as you. Social media posts also contain a ton of the latest African hairstyles. 

However, for those who need a quick help then adding bangs, bobs, braids and pixie cuts are here to stay. Hair accessories are also the best way to ensure your hair makes a statement.

Short African hairstyle 

Many African ladies from all over the world are ditching the long tresses for simple yet amazing short hairstyles. Short hairstyles are the go-to option for many modern African women because they are less costly in terms of maintenance and coloring option. But perhaps what makes short hair fashionable is that they frame the face better and make you look lively and younger. Whether you have curly, kinky, straight or want a change of hairstyle, here are the best short hairstyles to inspire you for your next hairdo.

African braids hairstyles

As a lady, you'll often undo your hairstyles but don’t have a clue about which hairstyle we want next. During these times most of us use African braid hairstyle picture to get inspiration for your next hairdo. With the right hairstyle picture, you can go to your stylist and tell them to give you that exact hair makeover. It's that simple.

Crisscross braids 

Despite braids being one of the preferred African hairstyles, crisscross braids have a playful attitude that is perfect for young ladies. While crisscross braids look amazing when done in a small manner, chunky cross braids are easy to take out and ideal for a beach vacation. With this African hairstyle, you can worry less about styling your strands every morning as the hairstyle has a captivating pattern.

Asymmetrical goddess braids

If you want to look like an African queen, then the asymmetrical goddess braid hairstyle is for you. What makes the African goddess hairstyle stand out is the shapely design. You can curve the cornrows into a U or S shape. The hairstyle looks lovely especially if you have highlights that bring out the contrast in your hair. 

Braided ponytail 

Sometimes braids can make your head feel heavy especially if you add extensions to the individual plaits. Well, now you can enjoy your hair by opting to braid it into a ponytail. The trick to ensuring that you don’t over pull your hair is to plait cornrows to the middle of your head using your natural hair and add braids to create a beautiful ponytail. This hairstyle is a great casual updo that even children will love to run around with. 

Snake braids

Don’t let the name fool you. Snake braids are not your typical braids. Instead, they are cornrows braided very close to the scalp in an S shape. Go for this African hairstyle the next time you want to give your hair a fresh look. Add metal beads to give the hairstyle a bit of bling.

Micro Braids 

Micro braids are tiny braids braided into the hair; they are low mantainace and fit all face shapes. Depending on your hair, micro braids can take time to braid so make sure when you're getting this style to do it when you’re not in a rush. This hairstyle is also popular with many Africans not only because of its protective advantage but also because you can do it using your hair or add hair extensions. While the style is simple, you can style it in so many ways which prevent you from easily getting bored with the same hairstyle. This African hairstyle can be packed into a burn, curled using hot water or simply decorated with different hair accessories such as beads. 


Cornrow is another hairstyle that is popular among black people. They also go by the name canerows and Caribbean cornrows. This African hairstyle is a favorite for many celebrities including those with no African descend. Cornrows are flat plaits that can include a hair extension. Don’t let their simplicity intimidate you as you can choose to get chunky cornrows, pigtail cornrows or play around with different partings.

Twist Braids 

Twists are made using two rope-like braids, and in the end, you will look sophisticated and chic. They can be styled into a voluminous bun or made very thick and long depending on your preference. If you have long thin twists, avoid wearing them freely as they can cause hair breakage. You can also opt for curly twist braids that give a romantic look, practical shoulder length or long, voluminous twist. If you struggle with bright colours, then go for black or brown twist braids which are relatively easy to match with any outfit.

Source: Tuko